REVIV, the Global Leader in Personalized and Precision Nutrition, Launches REVIV 2.0, the Next Chapter in Brand History Powered by Over 10 Years of Experience and 2M+ IV Therapies Delivered

REVIV expands lines of business with new digital-first propositions, REVIV X, and IV PRO, unlocking industry growth at an unprecedented pace

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REVIV, the global leading IV drip therapy brand, today revealed the results of its customer impact report as the brand heralds its 10th anniversary. With continued global demand in the industry – a market that was valued at $41.7 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at an accelerated rate – REVIV has taken note of key consumer insights and learnings from over two million IV therapies delivered, and are applying those learnings to continue the growth of their brand. As the brand embarks on the next chapter of its journey, REVIV is introducing its newest offering, REVIV X, an industry-first digital offering that democratises access to IV drip therapy globally and enables the sector to scale at an accelerated pace.


REVIV X allows for unlimited expansion of REVIV-branded services within qualified health and wellness settings. It works in a low-cost and low-risk way as there is no upfront investment or franchise fee. This is the industry’s first digital platform geared towards medical professionals and qualified individuals who are looking to incorporate IV therapy into their practice or start their own IV drip therapy business globally. The REVIV X proposition includes globally certified online training for IV therapy practitioners, medical screening to ensure patient safety, over 26,000 personalized formulations – tailoring treatments to meet patient’s health and wellness goals – expert support, and the power of the REVIV marketing machine all included in a fixed monthly subscription of $1,500.

In addition to REVIV X, REVIV is driving industry transformation across its subsidiary business and new product lines: REVIV clinics, IV PRO and the IV ACADEMY. IV PRO empowers business owners to create their own brand in the IV drip therapy industry by providing a suite of digital solutions that encompasses training, medical safety and personalized formulations. IV Academy is part of the IV PRO offering, providing a course designed for healthcare professionals who are looking to expand their expertise and move into the IV therapy sector through participation in self-paced digital courses in a flexible and effective way.

“We are delighted to share our 10-year customer impact report with the world and introduce REVIV 2.0. This is a new era for REVIV, the global IV drip therapy industry, and for enhanced patient outcomes. REVIV 2.0 is powered by our 10 years’ operating experience, delivery of over two million IV’s across 47 countries, and enabled by a combination of our medical, life sciences, technology, and marketing practices,” says Sarah Lomas, CEO and President, REVIV. “REVIV’s mission is to transform human health by creating a world where personalized and safe delivery of IV nutrition is accessible to everyone everywhere. We recognize that every human is unique, and their unique nutritional health needs should be catered for. REVIV 2.0 ensures we deliver against this mission”

REVIV’s IV formulations have all been independently laboratory tested to ensure complete safety and efficacy in delivering the vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals that your body needs. REVIV is trailblazing the nutritional health industry which is why the brand continues to introduce new and exciting product offerings and opportunities. With that, REVIV has also gone through an exciting rebrand, launching an updated website with a stylish and modern new look and feel, marking the start of the brand’s next 10 years as the leader of personalized and precision nutrition – with more updates to come in 2024.

REVIV offers wellness IV therapies and vitamin injections through their network of flagship clinics and partner locations across the globe, and to learn more about the brand, please visit our website:


REVIV is a wellness business backed by science, and their goal is to be the only nutritional health company that offers personalized and precision nutrition solutions, backed by science, AI and 10 years worth of data in assessing patient outcomes to evidence that nutrition can have a positive impact on medical conditions or disease. REVIV’s vision is to pioneer the democratization of nutrition-based treatments which will reduce disease, extend life and allow people to live better and healthier lives.

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