Surgical Institute at Fakeeh University Hospital launched

MENA Newswire: Curated with care & patient satisfaction at its core, Fakeeh University Hospital launches its Surgical Institute. Aimed to strengthen their commitment to offer quality healthcare services in Dubai and beyond, the Surgical Institute is an advanced centre of surgical excellence, backed with 4 decades of medical excellence & expertise. Fakeeh University Hospital’s Surgical Institute strikes the right balance between medical excellence and technology whilst harnessing the power of innovation and personalised care to bring out the best patient outcomes.

Leveraging cutting edge technology to offer enhanced and precise patient care, FUH’s Surgical Institute offers various surgical options for major to minor surgeries that include robot assisted & minimally invasive/ laparoscopic surgeries. Additionally, the Surgical Institute is well equipped to manage delicate newborn to complicated adult & paediatric complex surgical requirements, advanced cancer care surgeries, multidisciplinary pre & post-surgical care and more.

FUH’s Surgical Institute offers surgical treatment options for 50+ specialties that enable faster recovery and improved healing. With the aim to positively transform lives, Fakeeh University Hospital combines clinical excellence with smart surgical solutions and caters to tertiary care surgical requirements for newborns, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and elder population alike, from the UAE and beyond.

With a multi-disciplinary team of experienced surgical care experts, emergency care experts, anaesthetists, critical care experts, intensivists, interventional radiologists, technologists, nurses, & a well-trained support staff, offering patient-centric and coordinated care. The Surgical Institute at FUH is German-built with 13 modular operating theatres for greater patient comfort, infection control and safety. Follows clinical protocols that globally benchmark enhanced recovery & assessment across all aspects of care.

Follows multi-disciplinary team approach, wherein surgeons, clinicians, and support staff come together to jointly provide end-to-end care across multiple specialties. Utilizes high-end diagnostics and smart systems of communication for faster diagnosis & recovery. Follows International Patient Safety Protocols that help reduce the risks involved in complex to minor surgeries. Ensures improved healthcare experience and a shorter stay at the hospital.

Fakeeh University Hospital with its three strong pillars i.e., care based on technology, academic driven approach & 1 million square feet of healing environment aims to provide a unique healthcare experience by offering with Multidisciplinary Approach across 50+specialties, Smart-Surgical Solutions that aid precise & accurate diagnosis, Robot Assisted technology for better outcomes, Minimal scars & incisions for major to minor health conditions, Assurance of International Standards, Digitized Environment to manage health information & reduce manual errors; A spacious environment to help heal better, Wider insurance coverage and Faster Recovery to return to normal lifestyle.

Many patients have benefitted from FUH’s Surgical Institute. Some of the recent life-changing stories include: 54 fibroids removed with minimal incisions, making it possible for the patient to bear children in the future, 18-month-old’s kidney saved, bringing massive relief to the parents, Reduction of a cancer scare and freedom from persistent 2-year gastric pain for a young Emirati businessman with a mini-scarless surgery, Correction of a previous misdiagnosis & treatment of a major brain and spine condition, relieving a 71-year-old Ethiopian from extreme pain, while helping her get back to an active and healthy lifestyle, Breast lump removal & cancer surgery for a TV-host & presenter, a young school teacher and many other women from different walks of life; helping them get back to their work & family life with ease & joy, Robot Assisted Prostate Surgery for a 65-year-old, helping him return to his grandchildren worry & pain free.

Having surgery is a major undertaking and one needs to be sure that they are making the right decision. Whether it is a menstrual health-related concern, gastric issues, cancer care, weight loss management, cosmetic change, sports or age-related bone & joint conditions, heart troubles, brain & spine ailments, or anything that requires surgical attention, the team of surgical experts at Fakeeh University Hospital can help in making the right decision at the right time. Make the Right Choice with Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis.